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Welcome to Pretty-Perfection. I though it would be good to repost the original founder's rules when she set up the group. please read and abide! :)

This is a photography group, so if you'd like to submit your work please don't submit anything else.
You must be at least a member to submit work to this group & all member requests are automatically accepted.

* * * * *

Number of deviations you can submit:
Members - 2 per folder per week.
Contributors - 5 per folder per week.

If you are a member and would like to be promoted to contributor then please send us a group note.

* * * * *

What we do not accept
Pictures that are:
Blurry, Grainy or out of Focus – unless intentional
Uncreative  – e.g. instead of just sticking the subject in the centre of your picture try using the Rule of Thirds to make a more interesting image
Bad Quality  – we only want high quality pictures
Edited to the point of photo manipulation

When it comes to people and portraits we do not accept hate, racism, extreme gore, provocative nudity or pornography (we do accept some artistic nudity).

* * * * *

If your submission or request to be a contributor has been declined and you would like to know why, please feel free to send us a note with a link to the submission in question and we will give you our reason for declining.

Thank you.
This wonderful group's original Founder, PoeticallyPathetic :iconpoeticallypathetic: has asked me to step in as Founder while she takes care of time-consuming school requirements for a period. She is stepping down to Co-Founder so she can still be involved during this period. I intend to follow her original desires for the group's purpose and growth. Feel free to leave us a note if you have suggestions or questions.
Win yourself a Nikon or a Canon for FREE. No strings attached. xD

I xpoeticallypathetic promise you that you won't have to pay a thing. Not a single dime. You just have to sign up to win a camera worth $2000. :D

Here's the link:
So I've decided that from now on we'll be doing a feature every friday. This weeks theme is Animals. Enjoy :D

I'm so lonely by BlueColoursOfNature seal bicolor ragdoll 3 by venomxbaby We are twins. by TinaApple Hundred Sixty Nine. by Annarigby Berlin by hoschie D O S by roxagrama Lost by RachaelRose Laia I by NuriaSegura meow meow by midaaa Birdy Loves You by kauf-mich Stalking lioness by Kbulder ::Patience:: by WhiteSpiritWolf Little Cat by AzraBegzadic Autumn Dog by Silverholm Echo by OreGaOmaeOMamoru Unwanted glory by woxys:thumb259086737: Sleeping...... by addy-ack The lord of the night 2 by phalalcrocorax Kittycat by Rubymj Sleeping beauty. .. by light-from-Emirates Cute Kitten 07 by gamebalance:thumb254646358: Satine by zap-br:thumb216720009: A magical glass ... by aoao2
As you may have noticed, I don't really reply to comments on the profile. It's not because I'm being rude - I promise you, I mean no disrespect - it's just because I'm not sure how to say your welcome without just copying and pasting it for each comment. It would be impersonal and unoriginal and I just don't think it fair on you guys.

So I'm saying it now.

You're all very welcome, it was never a problem, I'm glad you're happy. You're all extremely talented so don't thank me, thank yourselves for being so awesome. I accepted your picture because you're awesome. I submited your picture because you're awesome. I added you as contributor because you're awesome. Awesome = talented. Own it. Love you all.

Love, xPoeticallyPathetic

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