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This wonderful group's original Founder, PoeticallyPathetic :iconpoeticallypathetic: has asked me to step in as Founder while she takes care of time-consuming school requirements for a period. She is stepping down to Co-Founder so she can still be involved during this period. I intend to follow her original desires for the group's purpose and growth. Feel free to leave us a note if you have suggestions or questions.
Win yourself a Nikon or a Canon for FREE. No strings attached. xD

I xpoeticallypathetic promise you that you won't have to pay a thing. Not a single dime. You just have to sign up to win a camera worth $2000. :D

Here's the link:
So I've decided that from now on we'll be doing a feature every friday. This weeks theme is Animals. Enjoy :D

I'm so lonely by BlueColoursOfNature seal bicolor ragdoll 3 by venomxbaby We are twins. by TinaApple Hundred Sixty Nine. by Annarigby Berlin by hoschie D O S by roxagrama Lost by RachaelRose Laia I by NuriaSegura meow meow by midaaa Birdy Loves You by kauf-mich Stalking lioness by Kbulder ::Patience:: by WhiteSpiritWolf Little Cat by AzraBegzadic Autumn Dog by Silverholm Echo by OreGaOmaeOMamoru Unwanted glory by woxys:thumb259086737: Sleeping...... by addy-ack The lord of the night 2 by phalalcrocorax Kittycat by Rubymj Sleeping beauty. .. by light-from-Emirates Cute Kitten 07 by gamebalance:thumb254646358: Satine by zap-br:thumb216720009: A magical glass ... by aoao2
As you may have noticed, I don't really reply to comments on the profile. It's not because I'm being rude - I promise you, I mean no disrespect - it's just because I'm not sure how to say your welcome without just copying and pasting it for each comment. It would be impersonal and unoriginal and I just don't think it fair on you guys.

So I'm saying it now.

You're all very welcome, it was never a problem, I'm glad you're happy. You're all extremely talented so don't thank me, thank yourselves for being so awesome. I accepted your picture because you're awesome. I submited your picture because you're awesome. I added you as contributor because you're awesome. Awesome = talented. Own it. Love you all.

Love, xPoeticallyPathetic
It's the last chance for you to submit a deviation to my other groups Red Competition. Submissions end at 8:00am GMT(London).
It's just portraits, I'm afraid, but as soon as that competition ends I'll be starting one in this group.

Go submit a picture here :iconbeautenaturelle:

Good luck everyone :)

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