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I have 6 positions as Co-Founder on offer for the group to help me handle the submissions I get to each folder.

If the kind of photography you specialise in is (one of these):
     :bulletpink: Animals, Plants and Nature
     :bulletpink: Conceptual
     :bulletpink: Fireworks
     :bulletpink: Macro
     :bulletpink: Still Life
     :bulletpink: People & Portraits
Then send me a note.

The quality of the work in your gallery aswell as your knowledge of the field will determine whether you may get the place or not. I hope to fill the positions by the end of September and will let you all know who got the positions.
hiemsadventum Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011   Photographer
I would love to be a Co-Founder of this group, and think I could help. I am a Co-Founder of Kindle Hearts. I have also be very active recently since it is winter, and I don't have much to do other than be on the computer. Let me know if you're are still interested in filling the positions. If you are, I am open to any other questions you might have.
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August 28, 2011


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