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Welcome to Pretty-Perfection.

This is a photography group, so if you'd like to submit your work please don't submit anything else.
You must be at least a member to submit work to this group & all member requests are automatically accepted.

* * * * *

Number of deviations you can submit:
:bulletpink: Members - 2 per folder per week.
:bulletpink: Contributors - 5 per folder per week.

If you are a member and would like to be promoted to contributor then please send us a group note.

* * * * *

What we do not accept
Pictures that are:
:bulletblack: Blurry, Grainy or out of Focus – unless intentional
:bulletblack: Uncreative  – e.g. instead of just sticking the subject in the centre of your picture try using the Rule of Thirds to make a more interesting image
:bulletblack: Bad Quality  – we only want high quality pictures
:bulletblack: Edited to the point of photo manipulation

When it comes to people and portraits we do not accept hate, racism, extreme gore, provocative nudity or pornography (we do accept some artistic nudity).

* * * * *

If your submission or request to be a contributor has been declined and you would like to know why, please feel free to send us a note with a link to the submission in question and we will give you our reason for declining.

Thank you.
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August 29, 2011


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